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Picture of Never Stop Wondering
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Never Stop Wondering

Keep curiosity alive! That's the message of Never Stop Wondering, which inspires children to develop an enduring interest in the mysteries of the universe. Illustrated with whimsical drawings and written in lively verse by Emily Morgan (author of the Next Time You See series, pp. 58-60), the book is a vibrant ode to the power of asking questions and the endeavor of science.
Picture of The Beaks of Birds
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The Beaks of Birds

Why do some birds have beaks like straws, or pouches, or even daggers? Invite students to find out by reading this story of a child and two grown-up friends on a jaunt that sparks all kinds of questions.
Picture of Access & Equity Promoting High-Quality
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Access & Equity Promoting High-Quality

Access and Equity: Promoting High-Quality Mathematics in Pre-K-Grade 2 examines issues related to access, equity, and empowerment for early childhood mathematics, highlighting these critical points:
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Picture of Oxford Children's Dictionary
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Oxford Children's Dictionary

Over 30,000 words, with clear and accessible meanings and age-appropriate example sentences, make this an ideal dictionary for helping children aged 8+ with homework. Each letter opens with a fun word fact and there are colour illustrations throughout.
Picture of The International Bestseller
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The International Bestseller

Discover the internationally bestselling debut, SHORTLISTED FOR THE WALTER SCOTT PRIZE FOR HISTORICAL FICTION 'If you only read one book this year, let it be this one!' FIVE STAR NETGALLEY READER REVIEW 'An extraordinary, charming novel... Williams pins a whole, rich life to the page' The Times In 1901, the word 'bondmaid' was discovered missing from the Oxford English Dictionary. This is the story of the girl who stole it.
Picture of The Art of Rhetoric
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The Art of Rhetoric

With the emergence of democracy in the city-state of Athens in the years around 460 BC, public speaking became an essential skill for politicians in the Assemblies and Councils - and even for ordinary citizens in the courts of law. In response, the technique of rhetoric rapidly developed, bringing virtuoso performances and a host of practical manuals for the layman.

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